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Resolve QuickBooks Error 20

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Application key just isn't updated when you've got updated OS plus some applications use that key to store internal settings, causing them to fail after an update. This matter will mostly like show up on QuickBooks software. Quickbooks Error Code 20 - Printer not activated is one of the very common error message encountered by QuickBooks Software. user each time they choose to upgrade their operating system to Windows 10 or 8.

As a result of this error user does not able to print or send invoices and payslips that leads to your further inconvenience for the business owners. This can be a general error due to a great many other applications apart from QuickBooks but its significance on QuickBooks is much more than any other software. 

Reasons for QuickBooks Error Code 20:
Some reasons are listed below

Generally, this error is caused as a result of deletion associated with HKey_current_configSoftware key. QB employs the same registry key as well. As a result, outdated key stops the program and printer to get results properly. As numerous of the software uses exactly the same registry key because of which malfunctioning with any of the software can cause a mistake various other software as well.
Another reason is the fact that the computer may be busy with multiple versions of  Quickbooks, which generally does not harmful, however, it could be one of several reason. Generally, it's not an issue to install multiple versions of QB on the same computer so long as their directories are very different.
If you should be seeing this error message and not in a position to save invoice or payslip as pdf. Then it's possible that your particular pdf driver for QuickBooks just isn't compatible with your operating system.
If you have a problem associated with this question, “Printer not activated? Error -20” when I you will need to save as PDF on Windows 7 or Windows 8. we shall discuss here the solution to a concern

Try the following steps below :

1. Firstly, close final draft,

2. On Windows 8
Open the start screen, then right-click on the Final Draft 9/8 tile block
Now select Run As Administrator
On Windows 7 / Vista:
Open the Windows 7, Go to start > programs
Now, right click on Final Draft 9/8
Now you select Run As Administrator
3. Now you need to be in a position to keep your script as a PDF with no difficulties.

Precautions prior to making changes towards the directory.

Generate a Backup: it is important to create a backup regarding the present registry before you make any changes. As you may need your old registry if the modified registry unable to solve the issue.
A system recovery point also needs to be created in case there is any further complications arise.
Creating a Registry Backup:

First of all, go right to the Registry Editor. Tap on the computer appears at the top of the folder tree in the left bar. Then, click File -> Export -> Save it.

Now you have successfully created a registry backup.

Creating a method restore point.

First of all, go to the start button to check out system restore. There there are an option to produce a unique system restore point. Don't forget to allow "Protection Setting" on Local disk C making use of the system properties window. Click apply as well as ok to truly save the setting.If you want to Resolve QuickBooks Error 20 , contact QuickBooks .

This setting will create a method restore point.

Solutions to solve QuickBooks Error code 20.
Method 1:
Reinstalling QuickBooks: 

Uninstalling and then reinstalling QuickBooks can be a good way to clean these corrupted files.

To begin with, go to the control board.
Click on Programs (Applications) and Features.
Locate QuickBooks and click Uninstall option.
Download a new copy of this compatible type of QuickBooks.
Reinstall the program and printer should work properly this time around.
You may want to restart the computer to allow the changes to take place.

Note: If the thing is with Pdf converter only then you're advised to uninstall the old driver and install a compatible driver along with your operating system.

Method 2:
If you fail to want to reinstall the QuickBooks. You are able to manually update the registry key.

There are to ways of manually updating the registry key.

Option 1:

Granting permission using Registry editor.

Open Registry editor.
Type regedit as it is after pressing the start key on the keyboard.
Right-click on the regedit and choose run as an administrator.
Search HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG as so now you have the use of the registry editor.
Select permission after right-clicking the software folder.
Verify that the user has got the full control of the table.
Click Ok and close the window along with registry editor.
Now QB gets the use of the keys and printer should work fine.

Option 2:

This program is only for Windows 10 users. You can manually update the registry key by granting permission using Powershell script.

The user account that is in search of the permission should really be logged in. User account should also have the access to make use of the command prompt.

Click the start button.
Type cmd.
Select Run as an Administrator after right clicking cmd.

Type Powershell when you look at the command prompt and also press Enter key.

Copy and paste the following code since it is the command prompt.

PowerShell.exe -NoProfile -NoLogo -NonInteractive -Command "$ key = [Microsoft.Win32.Registry] :: CurrentConfig.OpenSubKey ('Software', [Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKeyPermissionCheck] :: ReadWriteSubTree, [System.Security.AccessControl. RegistryRights] :: ChangePermissions); $ acl = $ key.GetAccessControl (); $ rule = New-Object System.Security.AccessControl.RegistryAccessRule ('Users', 'FullControl', 'ObjectInherit, ContainerInherit', 'None', 'Allow'); $ acl.SetAccessRule ($ rule); $ key.SetAccessControl ($ acl); "

This will stop the error from reappearing.

Note: Always make sure to keep checking USB connections once in a while as well you should run an anti-virus or security program regularly in order to keep free from these kind of errors.

We hope this informative article resolves the error and today you will be able to print using QuickBooks easily. However, if you should be still facing any issue regarding this or you have some other problem related to QB then you should contact our customer support number.



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