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Fix QuickBooks Error 6154

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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6154?

Most users experience a mistake while focusing on QuickBooks. One such error is QuickBooks error 6154, as depicted within the figure below:

QuickBooks error 6154
Figure: Illustrates QB error 6154

When you are this kind of a situation what your location is not able to open your Company file, and also the Company File displays an Error 6154 on the screen, then your first step is to find the reason for this error, accompanied by resolving the error utilizing the best answer.

According to Intuit, QuickBooks error 6154, -1006, “An error code is displayed when Company file is established, opened or used”.

The following causes lead to the display of error message:
QBW or Company file is damaged. Create a portable backup file
QB installation is damaged or corrupt
Opening a portable file (.qbm) without opening the QuickBooks
You've got changed, or wrongly typed Extension for QuickBooks file
Trying to save a QuickBooks Macintosh file using QuickBooks for Windows
Company file is virus infected
Probable solutions for the error:
If the error message is linked to file-extension of Company file, then consider changing the File extension and saving the Company file with a proper extension
Verify that the company File is opening on another system
Re-install QuickBooks if the File just isn't up-to-date
Save ‘QuickBooks for Macintosh’ in Mac-system rather than Windows-based system and vice versa
Use a proper antivirus update before opening the business file
At times, the error just isn't resolved utilizing the above steps. Try the other solutions to resolve the problem.

Method 1: Restore from Backup
One of several measures mentioned above should strive to resolve the QuickBooks error 6154; however, in the event that problem persists after steps-verification, then the next best solution would be to restore the organization File from backup. Follow the below-mentioned steps to bring back Company File from backup:

Head to QuickBooks and then click on file. Next click on Open or Restore Company

Select Restore a backup copy and click on Next

Now, select Local Backup after which click on Next button

Select the location of Company file backup from the Look-In drop-down menu
Find the backup It should be available with .qbb extension

Click on Open followed by Next button

Go to Save-in drop down menu and browse for a preferred location to replace Backup file
Within the File-name field, type an innovative new Company Filename and look that Save as filed should automatically save the restored file in .qbw format

Click Yes

Type YES to confirm the overwrite process

Drawbacks of Backup restore:

Most users fail to create the backup of their Company File. The reason why is either they may not be alert to the very fact that backup files are incredibly important or they feel that backups are unnecessary.
Latest up-to-date backup is certainly not available
Backup Restore does not provide adequate results
Method 2: Create an innovative new QuickBooks Desktop file from Scratch
Open QuickBooks Desktop
In the no business Open window, Create a new Company
create a fresh company file
Head to QuickBooks Setup Window and fill-in the necessary information
fill company details
Click Create Company
Take effect by creating customers, chart of account and services an such like
The drawback of making New QuickBooks Desktop file from Scratch:

Old data is not accessible
Most information is amiss in the lack of Old data
Cannot share Desktop File over the Network
Method 3: Recover lost data with QB Auto-recovery
Recreate lost transactions by using the current Transaction Log file and a copy associated with the Company File
Recreate complete data with the exception of the last few hours of transactions, by using Company file and Transaction Log File
Drawbacks of recovery with QB auto recovery:

Auto recovery not possible with QB Pro, Premier and Enterprise solutions
Not available with accountant Solutions
There was file-size limitation (limited to 1.5 GB only)
Update QuickBooks Desktop depending on the most recent update
Method 4: Use Stellar Repair for QuickBooks Software
Stellar Repair for QuickBooks application is compatible with Simple Start, Premier, Professional, and Enterprise editions hence it could recover the the different parts of all QuickBooks version aside from what edition you are using.  It supports the advanced recovery of information through the QB backup file, thus ensuring complete recovery in all cases. If you want to Fix QuickBooks Error 6154 then call us on our toll free number.


As errors and problems in QuickBooks continue steadily to interrupt the normal functioning of this software, recovery with Stellar Repair for QuickBooks Software is always a sure shot solution. Associated with that the software repairs severely corrupted or damaged QBW files and recovers all aspects of the company, customers, vendors, and employees. Software supports multiple currencies and helps in recovery of paychecks, payroll transactions and much more.



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